Deep groove ball bearings of 6800...
Deep groove ball bearings of 6900...
Deep groove ball bearings of 6000...
Deep groove ball bearings of 6200...
Deep groove ball bearings of 6300...
Deep groove ball bearings 6700 64...
Add: Shengshan Development Zone, Shengshan, Cixi, Zhejiang Province, China.
Tel: 0086-574-63541988
Fax: 0086-574-63544000
Contactor: Mr. Lin
Mobile: 13505848663
P.C: 315323
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Ningbo Donglei Bearing Co., ltd, It lies in the economic development zone-Cixi City, adjacent to the Shanghai highway、Hangzhou highway and Ningbo highway. The advantage of the geography、the transportation and the weather. It is the best place for investing.

The company was found in 2000, the previous name called(Cixi City Jierd Bearing Co.,Ltd.),The company brands are: "JIERD","JRD". The products are mainly small ball bearings .Especially for inner diameter from 5mm to 30mm.

It has a integrated Quality System, choosing high quality Chrome steel as raw material 、 It has kinds of automatic machine lines、plenty of numerical control equipment. The products are high precision、quality stable and can be used for long time. The products are widely used in the cars’ components、motors、appliances and machines so on. We got a highly good reputation in overseas due to we delivery goods fast、stable quality and competitive price. Taking quality for premise ,taking reputation for developing, try our best to make Win-Win situation.

Donglei Bearing- A profession bearings manufacturer, hope to improve with you together , making a strong relationship and keep a business relationship forever.

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